Founded in 1918 by Don Leandro Cabrini, our winery is a tradition, family owned for five generations and almost 100 years. At the moment, the great grandsons and great great grandsons of Don Leandro continue the legacy, producing high quality wines and following the tradition and natural methods always used by the family.

Cabrini Wines - Don Leandro Cabrini. First Generation.
Cabrini Wines - Don Leandro Cabrini. First Generation.


In the late XIX century, from Emilia Romagna, north of Italy, arrives in Argentina Don Leandro Cabrini, founder and 1st Generation of the family. Settling down in 1896, first in Buenos Aires and then after 1900 in Mendoza.

In 1918 Don Leandro planted the first vineyards, where the winery is located. He chose Perdriel to plant his first Malbec vineyard in Luján de Cuyo. In this place, two years later, he built the winery and the family house.

Since 1920, the winery and family estate is based in this place.


Leandro had two sons: Guillermo and Luis, both born in Italy. The planted vineyards and capacity of the winery was enhanced little by little, and the wines reached new markets outside Mendoza.

In 1939 they decided to produce a wine to be used for the Mass. Guillermo Cabrini was a Salesian priest and he was the promoter of this idea . As a memory of the first 1900 liters, the family still keeps the barrel that was used in 1939 to produce this traditional wine.

During the ealy 1900’s, Leandro continued working until 1956, when he passed away at 94 years old.

Cabrini Wines - Second Generation.
Cabrini Wines - Second Generation. Vino Licoroso.
Cabrini Wines - Third Generation. Eliseo Cabrini.
Cabrini Wines - Third Generation.


The 50’s were a new stage for the family when the sons of Don Luis Cabrini continued in charge of the winery: Eliseo, Guillermo, Jorge y Juan. New wines are promoted: Refosco Espumante, Lambrusco, Raboso, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Semillón, Sparkling wines, and the special Gran Solera. The wines reach new places and the family acquires a warehouse in Buenos Aires to improve the distribution.

Eliseo and his brother Jorge continued in charge of the winery until the late 80’s, when the 4th Generation (Don Eliseo’s sons) started taking care of the family business.


At the moment, Fernando, Hugo y Mauricio Cabrini, keep following the family tradition, taking care of the first vineyards planted in 1918 by their Great Grandfather Don Leandro Cabrini, combining natural and traditional methods of winemaking with new technology to achieve the best quality wines.

In this stage, the family acquired new vineyards in the Uco Valley of exceptional quality to strengthen the Cabrini Wines range with different soils, altitudes and vines.

Cabrini Wines - Fourth Generation. Fernando Cabrini. Hugo Cabrini. Mauricio Cabrini.
Cabrini Wines - Fourth Generation. Fernando Cabrini. Hugo Cabrini. Mauricio Cabrini.


Besides the 4th Generation, the family team is formed by Victoria, in charge of the winemaking, Danilo takes care of the domestic market, and Leandro, in charge of the Exports, always following the family tradition and methods used for almost 100 years now.

Cabrini Wines - Bodega Cabrini. Quinta Generacion.